Green and Super Insulating Faswall blocks»

Welders End Up in Unusual Places»

Overhead welding while suspended in a climbing harness is an incredibly effective way to work on your core strength.

Big Stuff on the Jobsite»

We managed to get a large crane into the job. The driver was excellent. He had plenty of clearance (about an inch on either side) and managed to back though…

Happy New Year!»

Happy New Year!

The Lure of Leaving a Mark»

The Southwest has a unique building style centered on haptic materials, many originating from Mexico. Saltillo is a type of terra-cotta tile from Saltillo, Mexico, where the thick and ruddy…

photographer Lee Klopfer»

Lee Klopfer is a Santa Fe based photographer and landscape architect. He captured the gorgeous image of the home and rainbow on the Green Star Builders website banner and most…

Scouting, Importing, Designing and Building a Boulder Fountain»

The new home Green Star Builders designed with the owners of a beautiful hillside lot in Santa Fe required huge retaining walls. Instead of the typical block and concrete wall,…

Audubon motto: Where Birds Thrive, People Prosper»

What a lovely thought! I saw this bumper sticker at the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary in Santa Fe. I asked Samantha Funk, Education Manager & Summer Camp Director,…

Where Edges Meet»

We think superior craftsmanship elevates any design.

Creative Fireplace Solutions»

Fireplaces can bring so much joy and comfort to homes, but, when not in use, chimneys are a large air-exchange gap that cause unwanted heat loss.