Custom Fabrication and Furniture

Steel and Walnut BedSteel and Walnut Bed in ProcessSteel and Plexiglass Suspended BedSteel and Plexiglass Suspended Bed


"clinomania," (n.) def. excessive desire to stay in bed.

Garage Doors Clad in SteelSteel Rafter DetailStainless Steel RailingGarage Door Clad with Patined Steel

Custom Architectural Details»

Nothing brings out design envy more than walking into a home with custom architectural details.

Stiletto Leg Steel with PlexiglassTopBench of Steel and Walnut as Styled by HVL InteriorsFloating Table collaboration with HVL InteriorsSanta Fe Walnut Table with Bronze Inlay

Tables and Benches»

Furniture design is FUN and it shows in these creations.