Jesse Gries

Jesse Gries, Principal Craftsman, Green Star Builders

Craftsmanship is so evident in my house. The design would have been lost if the construction quality was less than perfect. From the sculpted steel walls to the perfect 4-corner joint and all the zillion details in between — my house has it. Your artistry makes the design function, advances the usefulness and flexibility of the spaces and ‘feels really good’ (high praise from a tango dancer).

Romily Perry

Over the past 20 years I have used various different contractors in New Mexico and Texas. Green Star Builders by far surpasses every single one. Jesse Gries has the upmost integrity and is a design master. He listened to my ideas, made fabulous suggestions and let me be a part of the whole design. His skills are undeniable and he executes everything to perfection. Not only is he extremely talented, but he is easy to work with and has a great group of workers in his arsenal. Jesse isn’t just our contractor, but he is now our friend. He has gone out of his way to fix problems in our house at the drop of a hat. He communicates with me personally and has never pushed me off on to someone else. I highly recommend Jesse as a designer and contractor.  

Amanda Herrmann
Santa Fe, NM

When asked about a contractor in Santa Fe, I can’t say enough about how pleased we are that we chose Green Star. Jesse Gries, the owner, has proven to be a man of his word and has never let us down. Two years after the work was done, he is still providing support for issues that have come up since the original remodeling.

Jesse has always taken responsibility for work done by subcontractors and never put us off with “I didn’t do that, you have to contact them”. If I need help, Jesse steps up.

I find Jesse to be highly detailed, very efficient and capable of producing superior outcomes. We are extremely pleased with the extensive remodel he did on the 25 year old home we purchased in Santa Fe. He was and continues to be a delight to work with. We were very lucky to have found him.

Bill Lamm and Yvonne Sininger
Santa Fe, NM

Over the past decades, we have  bought and sold nine houses, each in a different section of the country. Since we are constitutionally incapable of simply buying a house and living in it, we have had a good deal of experience with many different builders. This has provided a valuable platform with which to evaluate Jesse’s firm and his performance to our expectations.

Working with Jesse has been our best building experience. We began our relationship with Jesse and Green Star about eight years ago when we bought a condominium and set about a major remodeling. Thanks to Jesse’s creativity, knowledge of all aspects of construction, intelligent selection of subcontractors and his ability to manage expenditures, the project was a tremendous success.

Last year, after acquiring a lovely old house that needed significant upgrading, we again sought Jesse’s services. Our main concern with this project was to retain the feeling of a historic Santa Fe house while updating it. Jesse’s enthusiasm, creativity and dedication to the project produced exactly that result. The place we now call home has retained its original feeling and we enjoy the comfort and convenience of a beautifully updated property.

Thank you, Jesse!

Jose Ofman
Santa Fe, NM

It has been our pleasure to work with Jesse Gries and Green Star Builders on several custom home projects. We have consistently been impressed with their ability to work with clients to deliver a unique and well-built home. At the same time, Jesse extends his attention to detail to his relationship with the homeowner and LANB, ensuring his company’s participation in his clients’ construction loans is handled in a seamless manner.

During LANB’s process of construction loan project management, inspection and review, we have the opportunity to experience an “inside look” at construction projects. As such, we see the considerable attention to detail that goes into Jesse’s construction projects at every level of the project. This attention is also reflected by the positive feedback we consistently hear from bank clients who work with Jesse, and who appreciate his unique ability to involve them in the design process and with the construction project itself.

Jesse brings into the homes he builds a design and management skill that result in unique and efficient homes that have earned recognition in the Santa Fe homebuilding community. He has demonstrated the ability to incorporate a mix of traditional Santa Fe architectural design with contemporary materials, textures and details. All the more impressive is that he is able to do this while maintaining the highest levels of environmentally-conscious and efficient design, as is demonstrated by the fact that his company focuses on building homes to a BGNM Emerald rating. This is the highest rating possible through the Build Green New Mexico Certification Agency, and is normally limited to Green Show and Demonstration homes.

Unlike some contractors, Jesse is personally involved in the project’s construction, as he is an accomplished architectural metalworker who incorporates his work into many of his projects. This on-the-ground involvement in his projects ensures that he is intimately familiar with the progress and quality of his construction. This involvement enables him to maintain excellent quality control throughout the project. Additionally it gives him the ability to very effectively work with the homeowner and LANB to ensure that the progress of the project, as well as the inspection and funding process of the construction loan are actively and positively managed.

For these reasons, we are happy to recognize Jesse and Green Star Builder’s history with LANB and the Santa Fe building community, and we are pleased to give him and his company the highest recommendation.

A. Dion Silva
Vice-President of Commercial Loans, Los Alamos National Bank

Jesse built a house I designed in 2014. My client and I were thrilled with the process and the result. Jesse is someone who knows his stuff, is eager to please, and directs all of the various team players well so they come up to his standards. Even though I had designed the house, it was great working with someone who also has a strong design sense. He got what I was trying to do, and he incorporated lots of steel elements which his company designed and built for us. The project finished under its anticipated budget. I very much look forward to working with Jesse again.

Stephen Beili
Studio Beili

Jesse created some elaborate metalwork, huge planters and a floating bed, for us on a narrow portal. The result is spectacular and the service after the sale never-ending.

Jesse collaborated fully with two other talented designers, Stephen Beili and Annie O’Carroll. The three worked together well and cheerfully to create a lovely new outdoor room. Indeed Jesse added the necessary notes of practicality as the rest of us tend to get carried away.

Anyone would be lucky to work with Jesse, Karla, and Green Star builders.

Timothy Mitchell
Santa Fe, NM

Jesse Gries and Green Star Builders are the epitome of integrity in the Santa Fe market, both on a personal level and as a conscientious builder.  Jesse’s innovative designs push the edges of Santa Fe style while also pushing the edges of green building, sustainability, and building science.  Jesse is a trend-setter and acknowledged leader in Santa Fe’s custom home building community.  His winning of the Grand Hacienda award in the Santa Fe Area Home Builder’s annual Parade of Homes a few years back, the highest award possible, is testament to his skills as one of Santa Fe’s finest Home builders.

Kim Shannahan
Santa Fe Area Homebuilder's Assoc.

I have lived in Santa Fe for almost 20 years and have had interactions with a wide range of contractors and builders and Jesse’s work is top notch.

* If you want a professional and an artist, Jesse & Green Star Builders are your source

* if you want someone who cares about your project and has the expertise to do it right – yep, it’s Green Star Builders

* if you want to LOVE the outcome – talk to Jesse

* If you want to work w someone with integrity, experience and passion – it is Jesse and Green Star Builders.

Kimberly Sweet
Santa Fe, NM

After reading about Jesse in Su Casa and meeting him at his entry in the Hacienda Parade of Homes we knew we wanted him to build our home.  We are now thrilled to be building that home with Green Star Builders. They are professional, transparent and a delight to collaborate with at every step.

Eva Janzen Powell
Santa Fe, NM