Creative Fireplace Solutions»

Fireplaces can bring so much joy and comfort to homes, but, when not in use, chimneys are a large air-exchange gap that cause unwanted heat loss.

Mobile Boring Machine Fabricated by Green Star Builders»

After analyzing what commercially available $14,000 machines did and how they did it, I decided that I would make my own. It wound up being lightweight, able to be disassembled and set up in place by one person, and cost me under $1,000 to build.

Grey Water»

“Grey water” is gently used household water created from bath, kitchen or laundry use that can be re-used for watering trees or other landscaping.

Salvage in Modern Green Homes»

Use of locally salvaged materials in new home construction is a great way to recycle and reuse items with more useable life while adding to the character and unique story of a home.

Innovative Plumbing Fixture Hack»

Instead of gracefully dropping into the tub, the water crawled along the bottom of the fixture and headed for the wall behind it. No bueno.

Privacy Glass Changes From Translucent to Opaque Electronically»

We first learned about privacy glass in 2000 from a write-up about a project Rem Koolhaas’s practice OMA completed for the clothing store Prada in New York City. He used…

Vertical Gardens»

There is an undeniable awe at the vigor and exuberance of life on display here

Forged from Original Gaw Meem Drawings»

We also forge steel. A Santa Fe contractor sought out Green Star Builders to make this ornamental fireplace damper as specified by the locally famous architect, John Gaw Meem. It…