Vertical Gardens

Living Wall - Created by Green Star Builders

Indoor Living Wall - Created by Green Star Builders

Our living tapestry was inspired by the large-scale vertical gardens of Patrick Blanc, like this one we visited in Madrid, Spain.


The appeal of these gardens is immediate. Displayed this way, there is the pleasure of seeing living things in a new way. There is also an undeniable awe at the vigor and exuberance of life on display here. Besides bringing joy, these gardens help improve air quality. The garden in Madrid provided habitat for insect and bird life.

We designed and built our green wall utilizing the knowledge gained building a narrow indoor waterfall. The watering system is set on a timer just like any outdoor irrigation system. The plants are fed hydroponically and a sensor alerts us when we need to add the nutrient mix. This wall was built below a skylight and supplemental grow lights were installed above.