Adventures in Tree Harvesting

Santa Fe Western Walnut Harvest

Hundreds of years ago someone planted a few Western walnut trees on Palace Avenue in Santa Fe and they flourished there. Sadly, bark beetles killed one, risking the health of the other trees and the integrity of the house underneath. Removing a tree of this size could easily cost thousands of dollars. Jesse’s cousin was the property caretaker and, knowing Jesse’s love and appreciation for beautiful hardwood, offered him the removal job. Jesse said “I’ll do it for free, but I get to keep the hardwood.” He didn’t mention that he is afraid of heights.

With the help of a crane, a chain saw and a steely determination, Jesse had his prize. He had the logs milled and then stacked them to dry. Three years later, Jesse joined two of these thick slabs into a table top. Keeping “live edges” created a gap that he inlaid with bronze. Jesse later fashioned a walnut headboard accented with blacked steel square tube stock. Even the odd-shaped pieces have been utilized. One became an entry bench.